Thursday, March 22, 2012

Intern See Intern do? Who is your online brand manager?

Social media is your company's brand face on the web, Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Youtube, etc. but the questions is who is running this important face of your company? For many companies it's the person with the least amount of brand experience, the least busy, the least costly individuals. This means interns or the guy in the mail room, the receptionist or worse. Social Media is not so cheap when you do it wrong. It can cost you a huge price. Customer. image, even the future engagements.
Pay attention to who is skippering the social media ship. Yes everyone can help but someone has to be in charge and someone has to pay attention. Someone who understands your brand and the new media. So better to have someone who knows who you are, telling people who you are.  Right?
This can be as simple as having everything go through one person. One voice is a good thing. Don't rely on a cheap monkey to to the heavy Social Media Brand lifting, it's counter productive, possibly damaging to the brand and annoying to the monkey...

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