Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Social Media is right for you!

Ok everyone is going crazy over social media. No one has figured out how to completely use it across the board. Marketers feel the need to "get in" so they can tell their bosses "yeah we're doing it." And the truth is they do need to get in and figure things out fast -- this switch in communication, branding and life. Social media is and has been a Game Changer.

But loads of marketers get in just because they think they should, with out knowing enough, they just want in, they are not totally sure of the whys or hows.

It reminds me of the old E-trade ads, my old agency Goodby, did sometime ago talking about how Venture Capitalist were giving money out to any one who knew what a URL was and had a "world wide web" idea. The .com business had a correction and so will the social media folks. But make no mistake the web didn't go anywhere and neither is Socail Media. It's here to stay but be careful and be samrt.

Before you get all twitter on your clients, know how it fits. Know why you are tweeting, know who you are targeting on Facebook and even if they want to talk to you. Know what you want out of it. Set goals, have a strategy for the social mediums.

The same questions you ask for the web or TV or even print should be asked for social media. How do I define success and failure. Budget? How do I drive people to my twitter, blog, Facebook ect. Why do I want to be in Social Media? Am I willing to let go of my brand and put it all out there for positive and the negative? What am I offering and why would people want to read my tweets, my blogs or be a fan on facebook?

Start off and get your feet wet before you dive in and know where you want to go with it. And then have fun with it. But get in and figure out now. Because it can work for you or it can work against you. Again it is a game changer not a fad. Believe.

Have fun out there.
David Yost
Creative Director